Researchers Find Bitcoin Network 3X More ‘Evil’ Than the Public Internet
“Just recently a research group called Rapid7 published a report that reveals over a year’s worth of research regarding malicious activity tethered to Bitcoin Core (BTC) full nodes. By utilizing data collected from a network called ‘Project Heisenberg,’ and its internet scanner ‘Project Sonar,’ alongside intelligence from Bitnodes, the team had found quite a lot […]
Inside the World of Viral Dark Matter – The New Yorker
Viruses are some of the weirdest life forms. They aren’t even really alive, as we understand life. They exist to replicate and in the process can destroy or save lives. Interesting read in this 2015 article from The New Yorker. Read article…   Please follow and like us:
Legalize Medical Marijuana or Term Limits for All.
This article is from 2017, It’s now 2018 and the Neo-Republican Controlled Federal Government is still ignoring the science, even as the state’s leaders are starting to see the light. I bet the good-o-boys up in D.C. are drinking their alcohol on the rocks and popping their Vicodin pills while discussing the dangers of Cannabis. […]
It’s 2018 and Legal Medical Marijuana Makes You a Criminal in the Eyes of the Neo-Republican Government.
So much for the “Individual Freedoms” and “States Rights” we hear about from the Neo-Right. You can be drunk or high on Vicodin and own a weapon, but lord help you if you smoked a joint. I’m sure this will change once Big-Pharma gets a foothold into the Cannabis Market. Read article…       […]